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Atlanta Tri Club Race Results: May 27th – June 4th

Lots of great racing to report this weekend and last. Nice work, everyone!

  • Great job to everyone who raced last week at the Labor Day 10k: Lauren Fogarty (1st AG), Dane Newman (3rd AG), Chuck Chittick, Nicole Chittick, and Cristal Stoutzenberger.
  • Congrats to Donna Godsey for knocking out both the mile swim (3rd AG), then the 2.4 race teh next day at the Chattanooga Swimfest.
  • Great work to everyone who raced at IRONMAN Raleigh 70.3 this weekend: Russell Smith, Joni Walker, Lindsay Waibel, Team SBR including Sara Nessenbaum, Bret Bauer, Karen Garland, and Marcos Borges.
  • Nice job to Carol Gsell who raced at the Kansas Health Foundation River Run 10k
  • Racing at the Blalock Lakes Sprint were Nicole Bailey, Cynthia Fink, Steph Liviense, Sara Scott (1st AG), and Dane Newman (2nd AB). Also Caroline Neidhold and Sunshine Nance completed their very first triathlons and Ed and Michelle Crossman won the relay division.
  • John Rutledge raced at the Blankets Creek 6 Hours Mountain Bike
  • Congrats to Jen Donald for taking on the Sweetwater Creek Supersprint