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Atlanta Tri Club Spring Schedule

We’re excited about our new spring schedule! We’re adding an additional swim, track work, noon workouts, and more!

New Spring Schedule

Starting the week of March 6th, we’re mixing up the schedule! All the changes will be loaded on Mindbody soon. Here is the complete list of training sessions:

  • Monday– 6 PM Wash Park Swim, 7 PM Mercer Swim
  • Tuesday– 6 AM Elab, 12 PM Elab, 6:30 PM TNR
  • Wednesday- 6:15 AM Swim, 12 PM Mercer Swim, 5 PM Elab, 6:15 PM Elab
  • Thursday– 6 AM Elab, 6 AM Sutton Middle Track Workout 12 PM Elab, PM Hill Repeats (*starts March 30th) **New Beltline Run Time/ Day Pending
  • Friday– 6:15, 7:15 AM Swim

Weekend Changes

  • March 12th will be the last Sunday of indoor rides. March 19th rides will be canceled and outdoor rides will commence on March 25th.
  • Starting the weekend of March 25th, rides will be on Saturdays and runs will be on Sundays.

Other Dates to Know

  • Our next Rookie 2 Race coaching group starts on March 15th. Athletes in this group will train for the Chattanooga Olympic or Sprint Triathlon. Learn more and sign up here.
  • Our first open water swim will take place on either April 15th (weather and water temp pending) or April 22nd
  • Our spring Mock Triathlon will take place on April 22nd at 1 PM at Dallas Landing

If you’re not a member yet but want to join the fun, head to the membership page to see the options then check out Mindbody to officially sign up!