Membership Options

We have two tiers of membership. Which is best for you?

Start here to learn more about ATC club life before choosing your membership. Then choose from our club memberships and coaching memberships below. If you’re not sure, you can also can start a 7 day free trial of the all access membership, contact us for more information, or purchase a drop-in pack if you’ll be attending classes infrequently. Dropin packs are $20 for one session or $150 for ten sessions.


Tier 1- Club Membership

All memberships include #atclove

We have the tools, support, and camaraderie to help you reach your triathlon goals. From the first moment you join, #atclove is a way of life! Club socials and parties, race day tents and activities, and friendly club competitions make ATC not only a great group training program, but a family of athletes working to be their best while having a blast!The members only forum and facebook group provides access to valuable training information from club experts and allows members to collaborate on various topics. All membership options include a one time enrollment fee of $50 and come with special schwag so you can start representing ATC immediately!

All Access Member


per month

Let's Do It
  • Most popular membership
  • Includes 20 sessions per week!
  • Daily organized training sessions 
  • Ability based groups so you’ll always have someone to SBR with!
  • All sessions are coach led
  • Information seminars, hands-on clinics, and performance testing 
  • Set and update your power and pace zones

Outdoor member


per month

Bring It
  • All outdoor workouts
  • Includes ~10 sessions per week
  • Member discussion forum
  • Training schedules
  • Sponsor discounts
  • Group socials and parties
  • Seminars and clinics
  • Target race finish line tents
  • Mock triathlons

remote member


per month

Sign me up
  • Stay engaged from afar
  • Out of town or out of state
  • Member discussion forum
  • Training schedules
  • Sponsor discounts
  • Group socials and parties
  • Seminars and clinics
  • Target race finish line tents

Tier 2- Coached Memberships

Race your best season yet with expert help

Think coaching is just for advanced athletes? Think again. Our R2R program is a group coaching program for beginners who want more guidance for a better experience at their first (or next) triathlon. It’s specifically designed for athletes newer to triathlon who have never been coached.

Start by applying today so we can learn more about your goals. The price for the membership is a $100/month add-on to the All Access Membership.


Rookie 2 Race Beginner Coaching


$100 add-on to All Access Membership = $175/ month

Contact Us
  • Cost Effective Coaching Solution
    Weekly Workout with your coach
    Group training schedule via Trainingpeaks
    Private Facebook Group
    Individual race prep session with coach
    Goal planning session with coach
    All Access Membership

Let’s put together your fastest season yet, not only by training hard, but by training smart! Our team of experienced, certified coaches works as a team using the latest research to help you go faster and farther.  Consider us your partner in achieving your triathlon dreams!

We help all levels from first time sprint finishers to National Championship Qualifiers and race winners. Please contact us or proceed directly to the coaching application. We also serve non-local athletes. Contact us for options.

all access plus one on one coaching


per month

contact us
  • Long and short-term goal identification/ refinement
  • Workouts delivered in weekly blocks via Training Peaks
  • Unlimited schedule adjustments and training modifications
  • Help with raceday nutrition, execution, and race-day strategy
  • Free ongoing functional threshold power tests and progress reports
  • All coached workouts, seminars, and services of Atlanta Tri Club.
  • ALL support and contact via phone, email, and/or in person (client initiated)
  • Contact us for more information and coach placement options