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MOTM: Nathan Penner

Our member of the month is Nathan Penner, who recently completed his first IRONMAN event in Canada. Spoiler: It didn’t go smoothly, yet he persevered all the way to the finish line.


Here’s what happened:

“When I saw Nathan after his bike broke, it sounded like his race was over. Most would of called it a day when their derailleur fails, but when a second mechanic asked if he wanted to modify his tribike into a fixie his response was “Go for it, what else am I gonna do”. I’m extremely impressed and proud of his no quit spirit and epic Ironman Canada finish!”

– Rogue Hale

“It was a tough day for most of the athletes at Ironman Canada but Nathan took it to another level. After hearing he had a mechanical issue and couldn’t finish the race we were surprised to see him biking up the hill where we were cheering. He stopped to give us a quick update that he had to wait 45 min for SAG and was given the option to finish the race on a single speed. Many people would have called it a day but Nathan decided to keep going. He told us “I’ll just keep going as long as I can” and it was a awesome to see him complete loop 2 and then loop 3 biking up hills and even passing other athletes walking their bikes. Super impressive that he kept pushing on and finished his first Ironman with the obstacles he faced. ”

– Allison Leppke

“Nathan refused to give up when nobody would have blamed him for doing so. He set an example that day on how to persevere, especially in those conditions! ”

– Patrick Zinn

 — at IRONMAN Canada & IRONMAN 70.3 Canada.

PS. Nathan also got engaged recently! Congrats!

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