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If you’re looking for sprint triathlon training in Atlanta, you’ve come to the right place. Atlanta Tri Club is a community of athletes of all ages and experience levels. Our members train for sprint triathlons through IRONMAN races, and 5ks through marathons. We have a place for you!

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If you can run or walk a mile, you’re ready to train for a sprint triathlon. Don’t believe it? It’s true! At Atlanta Triathlon Club, we’ve trained all kinds of athletes of all ages, taught hundreds to swim, and helped thousands of excited beginners cross their first finish line. Just check out the latest Testimonials from our members:

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Interviewer: How did you get started in triathlon? Sheelah: I always had an interest in doing triathlons for many years. It was not the right time for the family or financially until my kids got older. My employer, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta offered the TriPossible program, and they've been doing that for many years. So finally in 2018 I said “This is the year!!” I had to sign up for the…

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I have always been a typical type “A” person with a need to stay active. In addition to my occupation as an airline mechanic, I have been a team member of an ARCA stock car team and raced hare scrambles on my dirt bikes. When we moved to Georgia in 2010, I was overweight and suffering from an old back injury. We started making lifestyle changes toward better eating habits and exercise. I was not…

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