Featured athlete Viviran Jackson

Featured athlete Viviran Jackson

In honor of Women’s History Month and our initiative of bringing awareness to female athletes in Triathlon…Now presenting our featured athlete, Viviran Jackson!


My name is Viviran - the V is for Victorious! I claim it and believe it. First lesson in becoming a triathlete. You got to believe it for yourself! As a triathlete I learned very quickly doubt gets you nowhere. Either you prepare to finish or accept not trying. (preparation is better than participation). In 11/2019 I was again faced with another challenge. A diagnosis of Triple negative BC. Which meant all my races were now put on hold. However, despite this dreadful diagnosis it was important for me to continue being me. And thank God I never had to completely stop working out. While folks were afraid to venture out because of COVID, I knew outdoors, walks in the park, bike rides, short runs would help in my recovery. Also, I still had a race to prepare for. Yea I was weak and fatigued, but I refused to stop trying. I refused to stop being me. Slower yes , but still committed.

My experiences as a triathlete, preparing for races, committing to a training plan and overcoming anxiety and fear has made me a stronger person mentally. And that strength carried over to my commitment to not only fight cancer but be victorious over cancer.

Now here we are it’s 5/2020 I get that call - after weeks of chemo, and radiation treatments-I’m now Cancer Free! That race that was postponed because of COVID and Cancer was now back on my radar. Wilmington NC 70.3 here I come. Thanks to my Training with ATC I was able to accomplish my goal.

Being a triathlete has blessed me with the opportunity of meeting some awesome people and witnessing folks of all ages, size, etc accomplished something Great! Everyone has their own personal reason to WIN and crossing that finish line on 10/23/21 after defeating Cancer was Mine. Yep it was hard, especially the last 3 miles of run experiencing muscle spasms for the first time. Not pretty and very painful. But I was determined to finally finish what I started. I finished with a few minutes left over. lol. Thanks for allowing me to share my story.

Never stop trying, never stop believing. VJ